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Welcome to the dynamic world of IT support at GMS Matrix! We are searching for skilled Tech Associates who are eager to drive their careers forward and enhance our business capabilities. As a part of our team, you will be at the heart of technological problem-solving, helping businesses optimize their IT operations and overcome technical challenges. At GMS Matrix, your role goes beyond troubleshooting; you’ll be an essential partner in our clients' success, providing critical support that ensures their technology operates flawlessly.

Empower Your Career: Benefits of Being Our Tech Associate

Experience Unmatched Flexibility

Embrace the opportunity to work from anywhere, crafting a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle. Our flexible working arrangements allow you to excel both professionally and personally, ensuring you can focus on what you do best: solving IT challenges.

Immediate Impact and Continuous Learning

Step into a role where your skills have a direct impact from day one. You'll continuously learn and apply new technologies and troubleshooting techniques, keeping you at the forefront of the IT field. Your expertise will be crucial in maintaining and enhancing business operations for our clients.

AI-Enhanced Technical Support

Our tech associates leverage our proprietary support portal to monitor client systems efficiently, enabling the provision of swift and effective support across multiple customers. This system simplifies staying ahead of potential challenges, enhancing our proactive support capabilities. With remote access control, we minimize the need for travel, allowing you to resolve issues directly and quickly from anywhere, further streamlining our operations and your workflow.

Qualifications for Success

Technology Proficiency: Strong foundational knowledge in IT, including troubleshooting, systems maintenance, and security protocols.
Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues efficiently and effectively.
Communication Proficiency: Excellent communication skills are essential, as you will need to explain technical issues and solutions clearly to non-technical stakeholders.
Adaptability and Eagerness to Learn: The IT field is ever-changing, and a willingness to continuously update and expand your technical knowledge is crucial.
Goal-Oriented: Motivation to meet performance targets and contribute to team success through exceptional service delivery.

Growth Opportunities

As a Tech Associate with GMS Matrix, you’re starting on a path filled with opportunities for personal and professional development. We are committed to nurturing your talents through:

Ongoing Training:

Stay updated with the latest in IT solutions and support methodologies.

Career Advancement

We offer clear paths for advancement based on merit; excel in your role, and you could progress to positions like Senior Tech Associate, IT Manager, or Technical Support Director.

Innovative Environment

Thrive in a workplace that values innovative solutions and proactive problem-solving.

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If you're passionate about solving complex IT issues and thrive in a culture dedicated to technical excellence and continuous improvement, GMS Matrix is looking for you!

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Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Embarking on a new career path is exciting, and we know you might have some questions. Below, you'll find answers to some of the most common queries our prospective tech associates ask. If you need more information, we're here to help!

What technology and equipment do I need to have to work as a Tech Associate at GMS?

As a Tech Associate, you are required to have a Windows PC, a reliable cell phone, and consistent access to the internet to perform your job functions effectively. Additionally, having a webcam is essential for participating in virtual meetings and providing remote support when needed.

Are there any specific certifications required to become a Tech Associate?

While Windows certification is a plus, it is not mandatory. However, we highly value any certifications related to PC support as they demonstrate a solid foundation and expertise in the field. If you have certifications, please mention them in your application as they can enhance your candidacy.

Is reliable transportation necessary for the role of a Tech Associate at GMS?

Yes, reliable transportation is important as the role may require onsite visits to client locations to address complex issues or set up systems. Having your own transportation ensures that you can meet these needs promptly and efficiently.

How can I benefit from referring new clients to the VCT service at GMS?

As a Tech Associate with GMS, you have the opportunity to earn referral money by recommending new clients for our VCT service. When a client subscribes to VCT, you receive 35% of the subscription fee as a referral bonus. Additionally, VCT enhances your ability to provide proactive support by alerting you to issues before they become major problems. This means you can address potential issues early, improving your response time and reliability. For example, VCT might alert you that a client's hard drive is nearing capacity, allowing you to recommend preventative actions. This proactive approach not only helps maintain the client's systems but also positions you as a trusted and indispensable tech expert. Consequently, clients are more likely to stick with you, appreciating your foresight and dedication. This dual benefit of earning referral bonuses and providing superior service ensures you are both financially rewarded and professionally recognized.

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